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Adding / Scheduling Classes
Last Updated 7 years ago

Scheduling a new class based on an existing class template or another existing class is a simple task and takes only seconds. Here are some details on both methods....

Using a Class Template

  1. Click the "Active / Add" link under Classes in the Administration console.
  2. At the top / right of the screen, select the class template from the dropdown box and click "New."
  3. Make any required changes to the default template configuration.
  4. Set the dates and times for your class and click "Add."

Cloning an Existing Class

  1. From any of the class lists, Dashboard, Active, Archives, etc, click the Clone icon next to the class you wish to clone.
  2. Make any required changes to the configuration options.
  3. Change the dates and times and click "Add."

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Both methods are equally easy to use, the choice is yours.

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