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How is the registration fee collected?
Last Updated 7 years ago

When a student registers for your class, they pay via PayPal. We use the PayPal API to initiate a split payment so that you (the instructor) and us (ClassLoaderPro) get paid at the same time.

The student will see two payments on their PayPal statement showing the class and registration fee separately.

Important: Even if you opt to pay the fee, the student will still see a charge for the registration fee. They will get a discount on your class for the same amount though. For example, if your class is $100 and the registration fee is $3 and you are passing the fee on to the student, they will see a charge for both amounts on their PayPal statement. If you have configured ClassLoaderPro so you pay the fees and are not passing them on to the student, then they will see a charge for $97 for your class ($100 minus a credit for the registration fee) and a $3 charge for the registration fee.

The above is also reflected int the invoice and receipt that ClassLoaderPro generates for the student.

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